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Student Of The Month


January 2014 Student: Kennedy Edwards

December 2013 Student-Athlete: Michael Sause

December 2013 Student: Parriz Pierce

November 2013 Student: Haiasi Chinfloo

October 2013 Student-Athlete: Tyler Bryan

October 2013 Student: TJ Crutchfield

September 2013 Student-Athlete: Luis Rodriguez

September 2013 Student: DJ Edwards

Students 2012-2013

Students 2011-2012

How Student Council's Student Of The Month Came to Be

Qualifications and Benefits


January 2014 Student of the Month: Kennedy Edwards

January 2014 Student of the Month: Kennedy Edwards

Congratulations to the January 2014 Student of the Month, Kennedy Edwards nominated by Ms. Castillo. Ms. Castillo admires Kennedy's hard work in the classroom and her dedication to learning Spanish.

December 2013 Student-Athlete: Michael Sause

January 2014 Student-Athlete: Michael Sause

Congratulations to Mike Sause, the December Student Athlete of the Month. Coach Wilson nominated Mike because of his “superb character, trustworthiness, dependability, and sacrifice throughout the season!”

December 2013 Student: Parriz Pierce

December 2013 Student: Parriz Pierce

It is especially fitting that the December Student Council Student of the Month is Parriz Pierce, who led Northern’s collection of stuffed animals for Urban Ministries of Durham. Parriz Pierce is an awesome 9th grader who works very hard and is especially conscientious about staying on top of her work. In early December she developed the idea to collect stuffed animals for the children at the Urban Ministries agency. Leading the effort all on her own, she promoted, organized, collected and delivered stuffed animals from folks all over school. Congratulations to Parriz.


November 2013 Student: Haiasi Chinfloo

November 2013 Student: Haiasi Chinfloo

Congratulations to Haisai Chinfloo, the November Student Council Student of the Month. “What’s not to love about Haisai! She is the happiest and most positive student…. She brightens up any classroom she enters and every classroom at Northern through her awesome morning announcements. She is hardworking and very disciplined. I wish every student was as kind and enthusiastic and as genuine as Haisai!”

October 2013 Student-Athlete of the Month: Tyler Bryan

Tyler Bryan October 2013

In his nominating letter, Coach Barnes says "I nominate Tyler Bryan as student athlete of the month because she has consistently displayed a high level of skill and character on and off the court.. She continues to be a leader in academics with a consistent and current GPA of 4.3. Tyler has demonstrated leadership @ Northern High School all 4 years. The younger players look to Tyler for leadership, aspiring to be like her in the sport of volleyball and her academic excellence. Congratulations Tyler Bryan, you were named All Conference for the 3rd Time and you have left your mark at Northern High School."

October 2013 Student of the Month: TJ Crutchfield

Oct. 2013: TJ Crutchfield

Congratulations to TJ Crutchfield the October Student of the Month.

Here is what Ms. Bendson says about TJ Crutchfield: TJ is one of the most respectful and modest students I have had. He is a model of a true student athlete: someone who can excel on both the sports field and in the classroom. His work for me has always been of the highest caliber and yet he remains modest about his achievements. He is a kind, humble and enthusiastic student. I have gotten to teach him twice and it has always been a privilege.

September 2013 Student-Athlete: Luis Rodriguez


Luis Rodriguez - Student-Athlete - Sept. 2013

Congratulations to Luis Rodriguez, who has been selected as the September PBIS/Student Council Student-Athlete of the Month. In his nomination, Coach Tetreault says "I nominate Luis because of his continually superb play on the field, his dedicated and relentless growth on the training field in an effort to grow as a player, and more than anything his development as a teammate. He is also a A/B honor roll student, has an exemplary attendance record and has proven to be a leader in the classroom. His coaches have been immensely impressed with his new found resiliency, a recently developed ability to bounce back from disappointments and come back stronger and more focused. He has shared several of his goals with the coaching staff this season, and he has been relentless in his pursuit of those goals, but not at the expense of the team or other players. Luis is one of the brightest in our galaxy of soccer stars this year, and he gets better every day.


September 2013 Student: DJ Edwards

DJ Edwards - Student - Sept. 2013

Congratulations to DJ Edwards, who is the September Student Council/PBIS Student of the Month. Teacher Erica Joynes writes why she recommended DJ, “We have a new student … [who] is blind. She and DJ have known each other for years; they used to attend church together..… As we know, lunchtime in high school is everything! Daily, DJ comes by her 3rd period class, my class, and escorts her to lunch. Not only does he walk her and talk to her, he is instrumental in helping her meet peers, thus dispelling the stereotype that those with disabilities need only associate with those with disabilities. DJ is helping her feel that she is a welcomed addition to the UKnighted Northern Family; his small acts of selflessness make her smile every day when the 2nd lunch bell rings.”

March 2013: Marcus Williams


Marcus Williams - March 2013

Congratulations to Marcus Williams, the Student Council Student of the Month for March. Cadet Williams has made wonderful progress in his journey through the Air Force Junior ROTC program.  He has volunteered to help lead Delta flight during fourth period.  While leading fourth period as a student leader, he has helped to maintain discipline in the class by showing how a cadet is supposed to behave, conducting uniform inspections and coordinating/leading weekly wellness/fitness activities.  He also single-handedly planned and promoted a cadet sports day that will bring all AFJROTC cadets together to participate in calisthenics and competitive sporting events of various kinds.  He roams the classroom looking for cadets in need of assistance with their work and helps them to feel supported.  Based on his passion for astronomy and space exploration he was able to provide outstanding insight on classroom discussions/questions pertaining to the formation of the universe. He excels in communication skills. Cadet Williams conducted several interviews and wrote an excellent article for the March 2013 school newspaper on the timely topic of women in combat. Additionally, outside of school, he is a member of “teen court” which helps youth to do the right thing at all times.

February 2013: Matthew Jackson

Congratulations to Matt Jackson, Student Council’s February Student of the Month. Mrs. Bendson says:  “He is one of the most conscientious students I have ever had. He comes in every afternoon to do his homework from Edmodo and review every day. He is always exceptionally polite about asking to come in and apologizing for taking up time even when we don’t mind helping. He is very aware of others and grateful for any help he gets. He has a truly kind heart that is rare to encounter.”

November 2012: Nissa Coley

student of the month

Nissa earned a 100 average in my course and has demonstrated her ability to handle difficult peer situations with maturity. Nissa is friendly – she is never disrespectful of teachers or peers. She is a unique mixture of shy and outspoken – she can contribute vocally to a conversation but does not dominate it.

October 2012: Ian Woodward

Ian Woodward

This is what Mr. Spencer has to say about Ian: Ian works hard every day and exhibits an intense drive to learn and to grow and improve. His journals are always careful, searching, focused- his contributions to class discussions. He actually pays attention to information footnotes in his edition of Macbeth (which we're reading in class) and sometimes has the courage and intelligence to make a defensible critical disagreement with the notes in the book. He asks the best questions and wants to improve. He is courageous, mild-mannered, imaginative, polite, helpful, modest, open to new ideas. Ian never takes a day off - his work is careful, thorough, and on point every day. He can also I happened to see him doing one day in front of the marching band.

September 2012: Brandon Callender


Mrs. Bendson writes: I nominate Brandon Callender, a 9th grader in my High School Seminar.  Brandon is an incredibly kind and respectful young man who always comes to class with a smile on his face.  Is quietly one of the most brilliant students I have this year.  His depth of thought and analysis on classroom topics far surpasses his age and grade.  Because he is such a quiet and unpretentious young man, his brilliance could go unnoticed when other more out-spoken students are around.  But get Brandon into a debate or a good discussion and he will wow you with his knowledge and thought!

May 2012: Ming Lin

Ming Lin 2

Congratulations to Ming Lin, Student Council Student of the Month for May. Jennifer Whitworth’s nominating application said “Ming transferred from Riverside in February as a freshman, which can always be stressful for a student; however, this did not hinder Ming in any way. He has been an excellent addition to our AP Human Geography class. Not only does he have one of the most positive attitudes for a young student, he is always concerned with the welfare of others. He is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it's giving students unique ethnic foods from his favorite store Li Ming's or assisting a student who needs help on an assignment, Ming always has a good attitude. When the AP Human Geography class attended a local food field trip, Ming was willing to take us to Li Ming's global mart and teach the students about imported food from Asian countries. He has truly been a joy to teach and will accomplish great things here at NHS.”

April 2012: Aaron Jones

April 2012: Aaron Jones

Congratulations to Aaron Jones, April’s Student Council Student of the Month. In her nominating letter, Ms. Alcorn said, “I had Aaron in English II…in the fall and he was a different student [from the previous semester]! Not only did he work hard, he made an A in English for the semester! His attendance was so remarkably improved that he was even able to exempt my exam….I now have him in English IV and he is making As and Bs. He is also a strong chorus student and has performed on multiple occasions in our community. I asked Aaron what turned things around for him and he said he thought it was the poetry and chorus. He also said that school was more fun when he was involved in extra-curricular activities. He was published in last year’s Aurora (Northern’s literary magazine) and will have several poems in this year’s Aurora as well. … He had been recruited by NC State University and was given a full ride scholarship! They want him to run track! I don’t think that Aaron quite believed it himself. I think that Aaron deserves the nomination. He is truly a perfect example of a turn-around student and serves as a role model for other at-risk students. He is also participating in Poetic Justice, the Sacrificial Poet’s workshop here at Northern and has a chance to be on WUNC Radio before the school year is over.“

March 2012: Melanie Obregon

Melanie Obregon

Congratulations to Melanie Obergon-Salinas, the March Student Council Student of the Month. In her nominating letter, Mrs. Bendson wrote,Melanie has been this year’s volunteer-extraordinaire! She has surpassed every Honor Society in total and utter commitment to the service component of the society, except she’s not doing it for her resume or even the requirements of the society.  Most students seem to do the bare minimum.  Melanie goes far above and beyond the call of duty because she is so focused on giving back to her community.  She has poured hours in the Northern Learning Center.  She does every project that comes up with great enthusiasm.  And then when I think that she possibly can’t take on any more, Little River Elementary asks for tutors.  Who signs up first?  Melanie.  On top of all of her coursework, her internship in physical therapy for the elderly, and her other volunteer and extra-curricular responsibilities, she adds more to make sure she can give back to the school where she did her elementary studies.  Melanie truly is a model of concern and care for her community and giving back in gratitude to those people and places that have helped her as well.”

February 2012: Dominique Phillips

Dominique Phillips

Congratulations to Dominique Phillips, the February Student Council Student of the Month. In his nominating letter, Mr. Buczynski says, “Dominique has made great strides to overcome his obstacles with CP, including his speech difficulties, to take role model and leadership positions in his classes. He is earning A’s and B’s and is exceeding his teachers’ expectations. He has managed to independently acquire and successfully perform a job at Bojangles. Based on the effort, the drive, and the determination that he has put into his education this semester, he deserves to be the student of the year!”


January 2012: Crystal Bethea

January Student of the month

Congratulations to Crystal Bethea, Student Council’s January Student of the Month. In her nomination letter, Ms. Foreman wrote: “Crystal was… a diligent worker and classroom leader throughout the semester. She worked hard everyday! She always had her assignments and thoroughly completed them. She served as an example to other students in the class by always being on task, volunteering for class roles and by helping to create a good learning environment. Crystal knew from the moment she started this semester what her goal was and she achieved it! She is a wonderful, dedicated and responsible student in and out of the classroom. Her goal is to become a chef and go to culinary school. She works very hard in the Culinary Arts program here as well.

December 2011: ShaTia Holmes

ShaTia Holmes

Congratulations to ShaTia Holmes, the December Student Council Student of the Month. From Mrs. Bendson: ShaTia is one of those shy students that can easily be overlooked in the class, however she always does exceptional and outstanding work in class.  She puts in a level of effort and attention to detail that go far above and beyond what I expect of work.  She is a very sincere and respectful student that is a model of self-discipline, strong worth ethic and outstanding achievement.  I wish that all of my students would put this level of care and honest concern for their futures.  ShaTia is also outstanding for her ability to help others who struggle with difficult concepts or tasks like crafting a resume or balancing a checkbook.  She is exceptionally patient and helps her peers work through the most confusing and complicated of tasks.  ShaTia should be the student of the month for her effort, her personal drive to achieve and master important skills and her kindness.

November 2011: Chassidy Davis

Chassidyy Davis

Congratulations to Chassidy Davis, the November Student Council Student of the Month. From Ms. Alden: Chassidy is a responsible person, and she does not give up easily. She has a lot of demands on her time-school, part time job, and a 2 year old son. But she does not let those things overwhelm her. She just tries hard to stay positive, to do her best, and to ask for help when she needs it. She also tries to help her friends who are not doing well in school to stay focused and to get their work done. Chassidy is responsible and motivated. She tries to see things in a positive way if possible. She also is a good friend who really cares about others. I was impressed with how Chassidy has handled the challenges in her life. She has shown a lot of maturity and grace, and I have a lot of respect for her.

How Student Council's Student Of The Month came to be:

Class of 2012 officers began the Student of the Month program. Each month there will be one student nominated by their teacher for the Student Council Student of the Month program. Students will be nominated based on leadership, character, individuality, scholarship and more. Teachers should not have to feel obligated to nominate a student; a student should only be nominated when he or she has done something that sets them apart from their peers.


Qualifications and Benefits:

Senior and Student Body Council will review the applications for Student of the Month and determine five semifinalists for the program. Applications will be reviewed based on individuality, leadership, character, scholarship and more. After the five semifinalists have been chosen, the entirety of student council will vote for one finalist. After a winner is chosen, he or she will win a preselected random prize as well as a special spot in the library where he or she will be featured for their accomplishments. The student will also have a spot published in the newspaper.

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